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How to Pack for a Hospital Stay

What do you pack when you have to stay at the hospital? How do you keep your mind busy? Where can I can stuff the much-needed comfort food? Questions I never thought I'd have have to ask myself. Yet there I was, worrying over this stuff the night before our stay. It might sound trivial, but being as prepared as possible when your 3-month old son has surgery is important. A well-packed bag can alleviate unnecessary worries you definitely don't want to be thinking about during your stay.

Survival of the Fittest

Anyone who knows me understands my anxiety when I don't feel prepared for a situation. In our case, it was particularly nerve-wracking since our baby was about to have open heart surgery. Obviously, this is a situation that no one can ever feel ready for, so I created a list of items I'd need to survive the week. Now this was something I could finally take control of.

After talking to myself and bumbling around the house like a crazy woman, I packed all the items into my WORKINGURL bag that I felt would get me through the week ahead. Some of the criteria I took into consideration were:

Staying busy - I knew I'd definitely want items to keep my mind occupied, like a good book or word puzzles.

Taking care of myself - Toiletries and basic beauty products were obviously a must.

Eating well - Snacks were important for periods when there wasn't time to find food. I tried to stay as healthy as possible, but stress-eating happens to the best of us.

Getting some work done - I absolutely had to bring some of my devices to keep Workingurl business moving along. It turns out that my first batch of handbags were to be completed and shipped to the U.S. the same week of my son's operation. Perfect timing right?

There are so many life hacks out there, but nobody thinks to share tips for situations like this, the times when packing a bag is the last thing you want to be worrying about. I definitely could have benefited from packing advice during this tough period. So here's my list of essentials that made the final cut. I pray you never have to use it, but in case you do I hope you find it helpful.

P.S. I maximized space by putting smaller items into empty areas (I stuffed a lot inside my sneakers).

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