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Adulting is hard. So why do we feel guilty when we hit the pause button?

When is enough a enough? How long are you supposed to put on a good face and act like you don't need a break. I cannot for the life of me understand why it's taboo to need and want a break from everyday life. I mean...everyday life is hard! That's the time when we're putting in the real work, waking up every morning to chip away at our goals. "Adulting" as it's now called. There's nothing more tedious and constant as the work we put into living our day to day. Whatever your feelings about being part of the rat race, the cold hard fact is that most of us do it. We complain and complain, but we keep our noses to the grindstone, chasing our version of the "American Dream." I get it. It's life as we know it.

I'm not Superwoman

What I don't understand are these superhuman qualities we're supposed to possess while dealing with the every day. We're expected to contain our short lives on this earth to a life of mostly work, and do it with a smile. Ummmm, yeah. That's not happening over here. I'l do what I have to do to support my family and continue to achieve, but there's going to be bad days. Days when you're so overwhelmed, you're annoyed about everything. Days when you literally don't know why you're doing all of this and contemplate just driving to the beach to start a more simple life. The thing that keeps us together at the seams, is vacation, a break. In the midst of all of the craziness we deal with, we need our quiet respites.

We're expected to contain our short lives on this earth to a life of mostly work, and do it with a smile. Ummmm, yeah. That's not happening over here.

Whether it's a weekend trip, a staycation, or a full on vacation hitting the pause button

every now and then is a must. I recently took my annual summer vacation with my family to Martha's Vineyard. It was a really special trip because it was the first time taking the next generation of my family, my son to the island. Now of course, taking a trip with children isn't exactly a relaxing break, but I managed to get a nap or two in.

This past year has been particularly difficult so I was all too ready to get away. While I felt very guilty unplugging, and it was a terrible struggle to not check my social media every hour...I did it. I let relaxation wash over me as I floated in the ocean, not wanting to ever get out. I soaked in all the special moments, like laughing with my family over our burnt attempt at dinner. Most importantly, I was delighted to watch my son in a place that I enjoyed as a child.

This time of reflection and serenity, also made me more focused and energized in my business. I've always felt that taking breaks be it small or large, help you become more productive. I'm reminded of why I started my business and why I sacrifice. I'm able to think more creatively about how to reach my goals. It's such a special time that I cherish and absolutely require to stay sane.

Get Your Relaxation On

Now I now it can be hard to get into vacation mode, especially with the way we live today...always on the go, constantly plugged in. So here's some cool tips I'd like share to help you let your hair down, and put your feet up.

Make time to pack early and make a list. Now more than ever, packing is so stressful. I have an infant so I'm always afraid I'm going to leave something behind. To remedy this, I found that making time to pack a little bit each day before you leave helps a lot. Also, making a list and checking things off ensures that you don't forget your essentials.

Pregame with self care. One surefire way to get into vacation mode early is to treat yourself before you go. Get your hair done, nails done...everything did.

Bring a book or magazine. Even if you're an avid reader, sometimes it's hard to fit reading into your schedule. Now's the time to grab that thriller you've been dying to get into. Not a book person? How about loading up on some mags. What a good way to pass the time while laying on the beach or by the pool.

Write about it. You might find it therapeutic to write about your trip. Bring a journal and jot down your thoughts. It's also a wonderful way to remember your trip.

Take a walk or bike ride. Get out and enjoy your surroundings . You never know what you might discover along the way. Just remember to be safe.

Try something new. Get out of your comfort zone and try something you've always wanted to, but maybe were a little afraid of. This doesn't have to be anything crazy either. It could be something as simple as wearing that dress you were never brave enough to wear, or eating new food.

Nap as much as possible. This is a must. Even if your break is a simple staycation, make sure to get in as much sleep as possible. Rest is important.

Go to an event. Try looking for a local event to go to. Think about how much fun you'll have at a festival or concert. If there's nothing happening around the time of your break, create your own event like a picnic, or maybe play a board game with friends. Add in some cocktails and you've got the makings of an awesome night.

Talk it out. Some of the best conversations I've had have been when I'm on vacation. Whether it's with friends or family, your significant other or a stranger, you can use this time to have some memorable convos.

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