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5 Ways to Organize Your Bag

We all hate to do it, but we also hate when we have to dig through our bags, pulling things out that we don't need or haven't used in a very long time, just to find what we were looking for. To maintain our sanity, I've found some helpful tips that can keep your purse organized and junk free.

1) Put your headphones and chargers in a sunglasses case.

Who else hates untangling cords, that have somehow wrapped themselves around everything in the bottom of your purse? Storing them in your sunglasses case keeps them untangled and easy to grab.

2) Put cards in a mint tin.

Tired of an overstuffed wallet, loose gift cards, or business cards from all of those networking events? Stack them in a tin and keep them in mint condition.

3) Put receipts in a tabbed envelope.

If you own a business, or have to keep receipts for tax write-offs, keeping your receipts organized is way easier when you have a tabbed envelope you can put them in as soon as you make a purchase.

4) Invest in a pill box.

If you're like me, you carry pills for everything from allergy relief to pain relief. Instead of lugging all of those extra bottles in the bottom of your purse, put them in a pill case. You can even buy cases with multiple compartments so you can keep them all separate.

5) Try to clean out your purse on a regular basis.

The best way to ensure you stay organized, is to try to clean it out on a regular basis. It could be once a week, at the end of the day, every two weeks...whatever works for you.