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How Busy Women Prepare The Night Before Vacation

Why is it that preparing for vacation can be so stressful? You have so much to worry about when getting ready for your time of rest and relaxation. That's why we've found some helpful suggestions for the night before you leave, to make you worry-free and vacation ready.

Clean up-Clean your work space and home, so you can return to tidy spaces.

Set up your out of office message-Let people know you're away, so they don't expect an immediate response.

Double check your plans and reservations-Make sure you have all of the times and locations correct, and all of your documents are stashed in a safe place.

Charge your devices the night before-There's nothing worse than starting your trip and needing access to your phone, and it begins to die. You definitely want to make sure everything is all charged up and ready to go.

Start to disconnect early-The best way to prepare for your time off, is to start as early as possible. Whether it's reading a book, listening to music, or sipping on a cocktail...getting a jump on relaxing is the ultimate way to start your vacation off right.