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17 Mama Must-Haves For Back To School

This week marks back to school for the kiddos. I know most

of you Workingurl mamas have been running around getting all the goods for your little ones. While back to school might mean a little more time for you during the day...or at least less worrying

about your babies while you're at work, it can also mean a lot of running around for sports and extra-curriculars.


So what are the the items that you can carry in your bag to make all this scholastic schlepping a little bit easier? Here's our suggested list of some mom-on-the go essentials to keep you ready for anything.

  1. Face and hand wipes

  2. Band aids

  3. Bobby pins

  4. Kleenex

  5. Lip balm

  6. Vaseline

  7. Gum/mints

  8. Hair brush

  9. Hair ties

  10. Tide to Go or Shout Wipe and Go

  11. Advil or Tylenol

  12. Body Spray

  13. Extra pens

  14. Lint Brush

  15. Hand lotion

  16. Power or granola bar

  17. Reusable water bottle

The key to carrying all of these mama must-haves is try to buy in travel size. Then you won't feel like your lugging an entire store around in your bag. It also helps to use a tote that has enough compartments and pockets to keep everything organized and easily the Workingurl Franziska Tote.

Think we left something out? Drop it in the comments.

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