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#WorkinMyWorkingurl: How I Finally Got Out Of My House And It Felt Great!

There are days that I forget what it feels like to be an excited, female entrepreneur. Ever

since I became a mom, I've used my son's nap times and the moments after he's fed (and happy) to get work done. I'm usually so focused on getting though the day, checking tasks off of my to do list, and keeping my son on a somewhat regular schedule, that the enthusiasm I once felt about pursuing my own business has waned. Don't get me wrong, I love that I'm still committed to my dream, but I miss the exhilaration I once maintained about everything I was doing. Nowadays, I rarely leave my house unless I need to run an errand. Oh and dressing up...what's that? At this point, getting dressed means throwing on some activewear, flip flops, and making sure my hair isn't a frizzy mess. For a woman who used to revel in the ability to create different looks according to my daily mood (preppy one day, maybe a little boho the next) this was starting to feel like a terribly, awful rut. So last week, when an event popped up in my Facebook newsfeed to attend a women's networking luncheon in Boston, I clicked "going" without hesitation.

Getting My Groove Back

I've always been a homebody and an introvert, but I do know how important it is to network and be out in the world when you're growing a business. Something I was admittedly not thrilled about, even before becoming a mother. But making connections is an essential part of business success. Even if attending a particular meeting or event doesn't turn out to be as advantageous as you'd like, just getting out of the house can be invigorating in itself. I was reminded of this when I was walking to the luncheon in the Seaport. Just to be around all of the busyness of the City reminded me of the fire I first felt when I started conceptualizing my handbag line.

The luncheon was definitely the perfectly intimate event I needed to ease my reserved self back into the networking game. The conversation was easy and not forced. We talked about life, family, and business which was refreshing. Honestly, I was just happy to be around other 30-something females. At home, it's just me and my two guys...I'm surrounded by testosterone.

Honestly, I was just happy to be around other 30-something females. Click to Tweet

It was also wonderful to have something to dress up for. I didn't wear heels, because I new I'd have to find parking and walk to the restaurant, but I wore my cute black and gold flats, my army green shift dress, and chunky gold bracelet. I of course had to pack my Workingurl Franziska Tote accordingly, because I wanted to stop at the new Equinox showroom and pitch my bags for their shop. Then I decided to head over to East Cambridge and hand deliver a pre-order bag to a customer and long-time friend. Being out and about definitely had me feeling myself.

You can never be too prepared

To prepare for my day out, I had to pack my Workingurl Franziska Tote with the essentials. Here's what made it into my bag:

  1. Waayy too many business cards, because you just never know

  2. My water bottle, which was a godsend because it was super humid

  3. My rollerball perfume and new lip gloss

  4. A granola bar

  5. Tic Tacs

  6. An umbrella (because our weather is so damn unpredictable)

  7. My hand lotion which I never leave home without

  8. Tylenol

  9. Sunglasses

  10. Hand sanitizer (I'm even more of a germaphobe now that I have a baby)

  11. My mace because you can never be too safe

  12. I also packed my flip flops in case my favorite sandals broke. That's happened to me in the past and was not something I want to relive.

All in all it was an energizing day, and made me that much more productive the rest of the week. It was a great reminder to never get too comfortable and always be open to new experiences. You just never know what may come of it, or how you may be inspired.

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