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How Do You Manage Work-Life Balance And Be A Perfect Mom? You Don't.

Do you believe there's a thing such as the perfect mother? I think we're all conditioned to believe so. This illusive thing pushing us to obtain the impossible. We may be in 2017, but the June Cleaver character lives on in some form. The pressure to be fit, look good, work hard, take care of everyone, cook, clean, and still have time to raise your children is real. I've only been a mom for four months and I can tell you...I've already given up on trying to be that. Here's what I say...the perfect mom can kick rocks!

Embracing The Bad Mom

I first learned I was pregnant about two weeks after my Kickstarter campaign ended. I have to admit, at the beginning I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the news. I was more worried. An emotion that I'm now realizing is definitely a mom thing. I was terrified I wouldn't be able to do what I needed to as an entrepreneur. There I was, ecstatic about a serious win for my business and scared out of my mind about the growing life in my womb. Let the ultimate juggling act begin.

This is what we do as mothers though, we juggle everything. Some days I'm so exhausted from early morning feedings and emails with my overseas production team, I literally can't remember if I brushed my teeth.

Before my amazing son was born, my business was my baby. It was this thing I had nurtured and sacrificed for. Now everything I do, is for my son. Now making my business a success, is a necessity not just a desire. I desperately want to leave a legacy behind for him...but how do I reconcile taking time away from being a mom, to work on my business. Enter immense guilt stage right.

This internal struggle and juggling act is why I respect women so much. It's amazing that we can stay sane with all the different roles we play in life. We're strong, resilient, problem solvers. So why do we feel this crazy pressure to be such perfect mothers, wives, and business women. Based on social media and television we should all be beautiful, well-adjusted women balancing motherhood with business like pro's. They make it all work (while also managing to look gorgeous at all times), so why can't we right? All the while, here I am barely able to remember to shave my legs. I've come to understand it's impossible to live up to this unrealistic ideal and I refuse to subject myself to such stress and guilt. If doing my best isn't good enough, than I guess I'll just have to be a "bad mom."

I take pride in this resolution. Every time I start to feel bad about myself, I remember it and immediately start to feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. It's not just me either. Other women are also rejecting the pressure to be perfect. From popular movies like "Bad Moms," to public declarations from celebs like Kerry Washington, women are talking more about the realities of motherhood and having a career.

So if you've ever felt like you're doing everything all wrong, and the guilt starts to take hold, just remember you're doing your best....and rejoice in your new membership to the exclusive bad moms club.

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