We made our first Workingurl handbag in 2017, but the idea came two years prior in 2015.  That's when Founder, Victoria Hall was growing tired of having to carry three bags with her every day to work.  After seeing other women with the same problem while they were commuting to work, running from meeting to meeting, or even going from work to workout, she decided to do something about it.  There just had to be a way to simplify our lives and get rid of all of the bags we lug around each day.  It's from this simple need and her passion for fashion and style, that the Workingurl signature collection was born.  A successful Kickstarter campaign funded our first production in 2106, where we pre-sold the majority of our first bags. We've been selling online ever since.  

Victoria comes from a nonprofit background and has found a way to further our commitment to women.  For every bag purchased we're now donating $1 to a nonprofit that helps women in need.  Our mission is simple:  To make functional and fashionable products that simplify your life, and help support our community.  

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