Hi Ladies!


In case you're curious about how I came up with the idea for the WORKINGURL line, I'll tell you right now.  I was just tired of carrying two (sometimes three) bags with me every day.


As women, we usually want to be prepared for any we carry a lot of stuff.  I'm a mom, entrepreneur, and trying to get back into a workout routine, which means carrying more stuff.  Finding a bag that is stylish, durable and spacious, and keeps my items organized and accessible seems nearly impossible. I've observed other women with the same problem,  and had to do something about it.  So I created the WORKINGURL line.  It's important to me that my bags are designed to organize and hold the everyday essentials of today's woman on-the-go, without sacrificing style. As I continue to grow my brand, I'll stay committed to supporting the many roles that women play in life.


I'm excited to share more as we continue to innovate and build the WORKINGURL brand.  I'll definitely need your feedback along the way, so please make sure to join the mailing list.  I offer updates about our progress, ways to join the WORKINGURL Tribe,  new blog posts, and information on new products  and sales offers.


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Victoria F. Hall

Founder and CEO

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